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The history of TYTAX® goes back to 1988, when Stanisław Szultka created the first home gym in his garage.

Today, several years after building the first machine, the company TYTAX FACTORY is a highly appreciated manufacturer of strength training equipment in the world.

Machines made in Poland, in the heart of Europe.

Stanisław Szultka was born in 1958 in Brusy, Poland. Today, it is a dynamically developing country with a market economy. However, until 1989, it was governed by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Due to the economic system back then in Poland, there was a lack of practically all products, particularly such “luxurious” ones as exercise equipment. That situation inspired Stanisław to build his own home gym. And it might have ended with just one machine for his own needs, but for the fact that in 1989 the economically inefficient communist system collapsed, and, similarly to other democratic countries, it was possible to set up one’s own business. Nevertheless, the company was established later in 1992, due to the fact that the garage where the prototype TYTAX S6 was developed did not have enough space to produce exercise equipment. Therefore, he had to construct a production facility, which was built in 1992.

In the first few years from 1992 to 1996, one model was made – the next versions of TYTAX S6, which is still produced. A lot of valuable exercises can be performed on this machine, yet it is a one-station machine. To extend the range of products, in 1996 production of machines where a few people could train simultaneously began. This extended range and a growing outlet market resulted in the need to build another larger production plant in 1999 where TYTAX® and other machines are produced.

Early 1999 was a breakthrough for the future of the company. The owner, Stanisław Szultka, made a key decision to design the ‘Professional Multi Gym’, directed mainly at individuals and their home gyms.

The project assumed that it was intended to be a gym on which professional strength training could be performed. In this way, the machine could also be directed at commercial customers, like small fitness studios, personal trainers, police departments, military units and others – that is, in any place where one machine in a small area would allow professional weight training.

The prototype “TITAN” was developed in 1999. At the time, this machine was very good, but we still wanted to make it better.

And so to the present day. The process of construction of the next models of machines has never stopped. Neither has Mr Stanisław Szultka’s passion to look for new and valuable exercises that could be performed on these machines, and consequently, the passion to continue working on new versions of the machines.

Stanisław (Stanley) Szultka – CEO TYTAX International LLC – Creator of TYTAX® machines & Founder.

At the beginning of 2016, the range included 5 models of machines. Introduction of the range into new markets, along with the dynamically growing sales of products, necessitated a few changes. The most significant was a change of product name from “TITAN” into “TYTAX”. It was a very difficult decision at the time, but due to the fact that we were not able to register the products and use the name “TITAN” in many new countries where we had started active sales, we had to make the decision to use different local brand names, or unification of the product names and visual identification of the brand on a global scale. Finally, unification of the names was chosen, which resulted in a new refreshed version of the TYTAX® brand, now protected by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

This would never have happened, had Stanisław Szultka not appreciated the role of sport in his life nor undertaken physical training himself. In the past this physical effort included tennis and working out in the gym. However, for a few years, this physical activity has been focused just on exercises performed in his gym, located in a room beneath his office.

Saying that this was just his gym, we reduce the significance of this place, where to be honest this is the most important place in his company, where new machines and the exercises performed on them are tested. Every single exercise: which can be seen at www.tytax.com has been thoroughly tested by Mr Stanisław Szultka on every single model of the TYTAX® machine. In tens, hundreds, thousands, and even hundreds of thousands repetitions, as in the case of rowing using the RM option.

We believe that these TYTAX® machines, made in our plant in Poland, will change the lives of many people throughout the world, through taking pleasure in performing physical exercise.




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