Personal Training Studio

Are you a personal trainer?

Do you care about smooth and complex service for your clients?

Do you want to outstand other trainers on the market? TYTAX® will prove to be the best solution here. Our machines are designed to contain the whole fitness studio inside them, or even more. They require minimal space to perform comfortable training.

You do not need to go to fitness studio to perform trainings with your clients, what is sometimes annoying, as traffic is always against us. In result, you are late and you cannot perform the training in scheduled time what makes you and your client angry. Thanks to TYTAX®, you and your clients save time and $, because you meet in your own personal training studio. You can also deduct the cost of gym membership. To sum it up, you and your clients can workout thoroughly and without needless obstacles.

However, for some clients the privacy matters too. There are people who feel discomfort in public places, especially when they are not in shape. Of course, nothing stands in the way to go with your client to fitness studio, but in the end it is the client who decides. When you own your studio, you can train and consult in one room.

For certified personal trainers
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