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Road to know TYTAX® S6 - Description
Road to know tytax S6

S6 Description

TYTAX® S6 Home Gym - Compact Fitness Machine For Complete Body Training

With the S6 model, you can efficiently perform over 200 hundred exercises in standard, and extend this number by new exercises with additional purchasable options.
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Home Fitness Gym Machine - TYTAX® S6

TYTAX® Best Home Gym Machines were developed and upgraded for the last 20 years, so they finally became the ultimate home gym equipment which is ahead of its time.
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TYTAX® Home Gym Machines - Premium Devices for Total Body Training and the Best Choice

TYTAX® Home Gym Machines - 5 models to fit your needs of total body training in the privacy of your home.
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How to build the Ultimate Home Gym with Unlimited Possibilities? - TYTAX® Customers

Every TYTAX® machine in the clients' home gyms make us proud. We receive many photos from You from all over the world, from US to Japan!
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• Uses: Home Gyms & Personal Trainers Studios!
• Only 4m² need to use the machine comfortably!
• +200 VARIOUS exercises for every muscle part IN STANDARD!
• Regulated seating and backrest, noiseless stack, upper pulley and other pulleys, butterfly, upper and lower gate, preacher bench, handles for pull-ups, professional accessory rack and much more!
• High quality & comfortable upholstery!

• 100% Made in European Union,
• +5000 satisfied customers all over the world!
• Free delivery!

S6 Dimensions