Uniformed services

Why TYTAX® is perfect solution for uniformed services?

Keeping yourself in a good shape is important for uniformed services. It is crucial in this type of work.

Saving space is also important. One machine with 7 stations (TYTAX® T3-X) gives an opportunity of great and complex workout for the whole unit.

It is essential especially in places where the space is limited, like submarine. Crew of a submarine consists of several dozen people or more. Places like this are perfect for TYTAX® machines.

They are multifunctional and intuitive to operate. With each training you will become more fluent in usage.

Our machines are multifunctional and intuitive to operate
With each training you will become more fluent in usage.

Machines’ construction is indestructible, so it is not the investment in equipment that will work for few years. It will work for decades.

We have professional video instructions that shows assembly, basics and much more. Moreover, machines are packed in solid crates that allow them to be transported to any place in the world.

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We offer special discounts for uniformed services!
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