Gym Closed? Benefits of Personal Training Studio for Personal Trainers and their clients!

Not so long ago, there was a time when people thought that strength and fitness workouts were possible only in the public gym, and so they did or didn’t exercise at all.

Even before the pandemic of COVID, many of us struggled with the typical obstacles in the gym. The eternal hold-up and waiting for your turn, trainer fees, membership fees, questionable hygiene in public gyms, discomfort of commuting, even parking your car. All those hurdles may persuade some of you to exercise at home.

Those of you who exercised at home likely haven’t utilized the help of a personal trainer, even online. Personal trainers haven’t offered their service for clients who have a home gym, preferring to focus on their work at public gyms. Why? Because the system worked well from a trainer’s business perspective.

Yet, it all turned upside down, when in 2020 the COVID pandemic started. In most countries, commercial gyms were closed, causing serious limitations in personal trainers’ work. Even though some gyms are opening again, successive pandemic waves are shutting them back down.

COVID’s impact on the fitness industry has been disastrous according to research, the link for which is in the description. It was published on 2nd March 2021 and it is not optimistic about public gyms and personal trainers.

-According to the report, 1 in 4 gyms were closed in 2020.

-58% of trainers lost some or all of their income

-83% of trainers will work online after the pandemic

-60% of Americans plan to cancel their memberships

Meanwhile other research shows in a clash with the virus COVID-19 and further mutations, the better your health is, the greater the chance to make it through covid without symptoms. So, how to build good health? Good diet, and regular physical activity, especially for people who do work at a desk.

When you understand how COVID destroys people’s life and health, it’s time to strengthen your immune system, not only to shield us from COVID but from other future diseases, and the next pandemics.

Regular physical activity as preventive care, performed in a friendly home environment, now and after COVID, might become not only a trend but a last resort, due to forced closure of public sports facilities like pools, fitness studios, playgrounds and fields.

You are aware of how important fitness is to overall health and vitality. You’d probably train more if you had your home gym, right?  Well, it appears that the trend for having one is rapidly growing.

As the research states, most Americans won’t renew their gym memberships. You can assume the situation is similar in other countries.

If you are a personal trainer and you have worked with your clients mainly in public gyms, What will you do when your clients won’t return?

The solution is your own personal training studio and online classes.

Is that enough to replace training in a commercial gym?

It might be challenging, as such gyms have a wide variety of expensive equipment. But it WON’T be difficult when your studio or your client’s home gym is equipped with TYTAX®. Even the smallest model, S6 is as capable in terms of exercise variety as an entire gym!

Due to its size TYTAX® S6 may be placed in a small room, even your bedroom. Bodybuilding, fitness, rehabilitation, and cardio – all can be performed with TYTAX® S6, and it’s also perfect for women. Plus, it works literally silently.

Such a flexible machine works great when it’s a part of a personal training studio or client’s home gym for online classes.

S6 is the smallest model, but at the other end, there is the biggest “beast”, TYTAX® T3-X model, with 7 training stations for seven people! Inside a personal training studio, it will easily substitute most equipment you find in a commercial gym.  If your client is a bodybuilder who has worked out in a gym with big weights, it’s hard to imagine that such a powerful man would want to train just on resistance bands, or on unstable equipment.

Regular exercise is the best preventive medicine.

So, TYTAX® is perfect for a home gym and personal training studio. But how about corporate wellness, for example, inside a Law Firm? Absolutely!

It‘s also a perfect match for professions that require physical fitness and strength, like fire or police departments.

And with 5G technology, online workouts can be a great alternative for 1 on 1 training.

You, the personal trainer, can take advantage of these new trends.  The previous model of your work might not return. If you have some space in your home, garage, or you are able to rent some space, TYTAX® will provide a complete solution for training your clients in YOUR OWN STUDIO. In these COVID times, many people are focusing on weight loss rather than a “legendary six-pack”.

This may be the future of the personal trainer profession.

Why a personal studio is better? Here are some examples.

You and your client can select the time when he or she wants to train. Commercial gyms are often crowded in a rush hour. Your equipment is booked in advance, and you can easily implement your clients’ objectives according to plan in optimal time.

Adaptation to your clients is easier in your own personal studio. As the owner, you can be flexible with your working time and fees. Perhaps smaller fees for seniors and convalescents during mornings, when occupancy of your studio is low.

A small local personal studio may be closer for your clients. To get to a commercial gym, it often takes an hour or so, and the very same to get back home. Thanks to your convenient studio, clients may save some time.

You are responsible for hygiene and disinfection, and if you keep it clean, you and your clients can be confident they’ll be safe. If your client is afraid of virus infection, he or she will tend to go to a small studio, where hygiene standards are met. Hygiene in commercial studios, where dozens of people use the machines and equipment, is debatable.

Sometimes your customers have just begun their adventure for better health and body, are shy, and would prefer to train alone with you.

Or maybe your client is a Rockstar and needs some privacy from paparazzi, fans, and other people? In your personal studio, you can guarantee that as you make the rules.

These were benefits for your clients, but what about your benefits as a personal trainer?

You have more time to prepare for your training when you have your own studio.

Your commitment and the quality of work with your clients can be reflected in your earnings. When you provide a better service than a commercial gym, you can charge a higher price. It is YOUR business and no one can limit your service to the highest level.

You’ll build relationships faster with your clients in your own studio while training face to face. The better your relationships, the better your brand. You can have conversations, and even eat together after a workout.

If your studio is in your home, you don’t waste ANY time on transportation.

Small-scale training studios can be located even in a small town for local clients, and with a great brand, you can attract people from neighboring locations.

Every client is different and has their own motivation. In your own studio, or online when a client has his/her own home gym, it is easier to find this motivating leverage. Nothing disturbs your communication, so you and your clients get the most out of your sessions.

It’s vital that in your own studio you have everything within your reach, unlike in a commercial studio.

How about personalized music? People tend to work out while listening to their favorite music. What’s in there for you? The happier the client, the more success for you.

As a personal trainer, you can have THE BEST machine in the world in your studio, so why should you choose TYTAX®?

Every standard model provides hundreds of different workouts, which you can extend with added options. You don’t need as much space to offer varied and valuable sessions to your clients.

Have you heard that we offer CARDIO on TYTAX® machines? It‘s available thanks to added options, but its quality is identical or even better than professional cardio machines. Care for some examples? Watch the RM, PRM, and PR options.

That’s not all. Stretching exercises is the newest category. Do you remember to do it before, and after working out? The market lacks equipment that provides efficient and safe stretching, but you have it with standard TYTAX®.

Is your client an athlete? With TYTAX® you can offer specialized exercises for sports like swimming, tennis, golf, athletics, or even climbing.

There is no machine swapping when you have TYTAX®. Everything can be done on one machine, and whether your client is a beginner or advanced user, each machine can be adapted to his or her needs. Anything more? Yes, the TYTAX® app. Plan and save individual workouts for your clients, play them during your sessions and watch instructions if you need to. Every exercise has been recorded on VIDEO.

Imagine a situation when you and your client have a TYTAX® machine, you in your studio, the client in their home. The perfect arrangement for online sessions.

The success and prosperity of your business are possible when you, as a personal trainer, put your clients’ needs first, and eliminate everything that bothered you and your clients about a commercial gym.

Take a step in a more profitable direction.  Don’t be afraid to change some things.  We’ll help you to make the right decision.



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