WHY TYTAX®? – “Unique exercise qualities of TYTAX® machines.” (Part 3)

If you want to create your own home gym, or a gym inside a submarine, personal training studio or wherever the space is somewhat limited – buy a multifunctional machine for strength and fitness training, and do not forget about cardio. Such the equipment allows to perform valuable exercises, but if the quality of it is sufficient. It is crucial to buy stuff which is not difficult to use. The best are video guides that show how to perform each exercise. There is no machine in the world that fulfills those conditions as good as the ones produced by TYTAX FACTORY. No matter which model you choose, you get a powerful device to build your muscles.

Do you know why? Because the first machine was built back in 1989 in the garage, and since then I still design, upgrade and test each model and each new exercise. It is the critical aspect that someone who designs exercise machine also has the vast knowledge about exercises. I have that knowledge supported by significant experience, and I am still looking for a challenge. The internet allows me to develop that knowledge systematically. My passion is to care for health, and I do it for decades by regular training a couple of times in a week, together with my wife. Another passion is design thinking, which serves as an excellent recipe for the development of new TYTAX® machines.

So… Why TYTAX®?


The professional quality of exercises

TYTAX® offers hundreds of valuable exercises, with the same class, as it is on “one machine-one exercise” devices.


Number of exercises

With TYTAX® machines you can perform so many exercises, that you do not need any other equipment. Each model offers a broad spectrum of exercises for all muscle parts. The list is very long, that is why make sure to check the fraction of them on our promotional clips.

When you have the variety like this, the boredom will never get you in the gym.


Unique classic and specialized exercises

When you have one machine from TX or M series, you can perform almost all classic bodybuilding exercises and many specific exercises, which are not possible to be performed with other equipment.

TYTAX® – great machines for bodybuilding, fitness, rehabilitation of motor organ, aerobic exercises, functional exercises helpful in sports like rowing, tennis, golf, American football, baseball, football, handball and more!


TYTAX® Transformation

When you perform the same group of exercises, and you only change the load, your muscles do not react as good as they would, if you had completed various exercises. Even small change may do the job. With TYTAX® you can perform a particular exercise in several settings.

When you buy TYTAX® machine, you get much more than only the device. Our machines give fantastic comfort, they adapt to the user, and thanks to that they allow the optimal training.

This is because of TYTAX® Transformation System!

When you know what you want, nothing limits you in transformation and adjustment of the machine to perform next exercise.

You can check how it works on our website. You can find there the showcase of at least 300 exercises on each TYTAX® model.


TYTAX® Easy and intuitive usage of TYTAX® machines

Despite the vast possibilities of our machines, exercising is very simple. Each exercise that is possible to perform has been shown in the video – see exemplary exercises.


Open catalogue of new exercises

In 1998, when the first TYTAX® machine was created, it was possible to perform 24 exercises on it. A few years later, we crossed the border of 100 exercises, then it was 200, 300 and so on. Development of the TYTAX® T1-X catalog of exercises can be easily noticed even now, as usually new exercises are marked with higher numbers. This information is my answer to the question, which is sometimes asked: “Why so many exercises?” My answer is always the same, if not the pursuit of new exercises, there would be exercises like T1-X-103, T1-X-118, T1-X-160, T1-X-167, T1-X-191 or T1-X-427. What more, the additional options for T1-X would be nonexistent, and along with them – hundreds of exercises and several machine models. It may seem, there is no exercise, that is not possible to perform on TYTAX® machine, there are always new to find. The example is the Power Runner which can be performed with Option JD. We can agree, that it is worth to seek new exercises if the exercises like Power Runner are finally found.

But not only I have ideas for new exercises, but also our clients. Some of the ideas were introduced in our catalog, for example, T1-X-107 and T1-X-433. So, when you discover new exercise during your adventure with TYTAX®, send us the information – we will insert your idea into our catalog and credit your authorship!


Exercises for men and women

TYTAX® machines are unisex. Men can improve their physical shape with regular workouts, but women can also perform many valuable exercises. That is why it is the ideal equipment for a home gym.


Unique TYTAX® Smith Machine

TYTAX® machines have unique solutions in the case of Smith Machine. We call it TYTAX® Smith Machine, as it has several innovations and it is superior to the standard smith machine.

  1. Handles do not intersect with body

When training with TYTAX® Smith Machine on TYTAX® TX series, handles do not cross with the body of a user. This solution is incredibly essential for safe training. It is possible to safely put off the smith machine even if you lose some strength or weaken. What more, thanks to this solution, you can perform much deeper down phase of the movement, which additionally stretches chest muscles.

  1. You can easily join handles

When using TYTAX® Smith Machine, joining handles allows you to perform another great set of exercises.

  1. Start exercising from upper movement phase

You may wonder why we did not implement weight stacks in TYTAX® TX series. It would be a very easy solution, and if we had applied it, we would have lost the opportunity to perform many great exercises, or it would be tough to do.

Anyone who used Smith Machine knows that it is comfortable to start exercising from the upper phase of the movement, especially with a big load. With TYTAX® Smith Machine, you load weights on weight cases. So, you only need to set the smith machine in the upper position, lock it, and then load the weight, with which you want to train. It is even more comfortable than it sounds, and if we had weight stacks, this feature would not be possible.

  1. Training with small load

TYTAX® T1-X and T3-X Smith Machine with TYTAX® Counter Balance system can reduce the weight of the smith machine to the minimum. Then, even someone who is not strong enough can train with TYTAX® Smith Machine.

  1. Perform many classic exercises

You can perform known traditional exercises with TYTAX® Smith Machine.

  1. Perform many unique and special exercises.

With TYTAX® TX series, in addition to classic exercises, you can perform great specialized exercises thanks to numerous sockets in TYTAX® Smith Machine.


TYTAX® Counter Balance System

Each TYTAX® model has innovative counterbalance system with which you can perform many exercises. It is used with so-called negative weight, which works opposite to the force of gravity.


Pull-up with TYTAX® Counter Balance

Each TYTAX® model is equipped with a multifunctional pull-up handle. It is one of the best exercises for back muscles. With TYTAX® you can perform various versions of pull-ups, for example, assisted mode with TYTAX® Counter Balance that allows reducing the weight of the body. It is essential for beginners who want to improve their technique. Furthermore, as opposed, you can perform weighted pull-ups too.


Safety handles for barbell training

When training with the Olympic barbell, especially with a big load, you train safely, thanks to unique handles. They prevent getting pinned, and you can focus on exercises. It is essential to add, that they can be mounted very quickly.


TYTAX® Bench – multifunctional seating and backrest

When using TYTAX® bench, you can adjust seating and backrest at various angles, also in a negative position.

TYTAX® Bench has sockets to mount other exercise accessories like thigh support and others.

Let’s go through other features of our bench.

  1. Precise and fast positioning

TYTAX® Bench slides on wheels with bearings. It is vital for the comfortable and accurate setting of the bench. The best method is to position the bench when you are actually seating on it preparing for exercise.

  1. Linear guide rails

Our bench has an extended range of movement, thanks to specially designed guide rails. Thanks to that, you can perform great exercises for example with Option RM (Rowing Machine) or PRM (Professional Rowing Machine).

  1. Body blockade

For some exercises, like lat pulldown, it is important to block your body to prevent it from being pulled by the weight (primarily when you train with big load). With TYTAX® Bench you can set the blockade on the long range of movement, which allows you to adjust exercises.


TYTAX® Upper and lower gates

All TYTAX® models have in standard, or as the additional option, upper and lower gates. It is the rare feature in multifunctional and home gym machines.



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