Why do we not do much for our health?

It is quite puzzling that people do so much to have a beautiful house, car or company, yet they do not do anything for their good health. Why do we not think about this? Why we blindly believe that when we get sick, medicine will help? What makes us think about everything else but our health?

The reasons for insufficient care

Lack of proper education might be the reason. It is not the school knowledge, but the one obtained from the media and/or family. A lot of people search for information about health, but articles on the internet often are written in a too complicated language, especially for elders.

Advantages that arise from health prevention should be widely available and written in as simple language as possible. Education itself is not enough because people generally know what are the advantages of physical activity, but still, they do nothing or do it occasionally.

I was thinking about why it is happening and I have concluded the reason. The lack of the fantastic feeling, when after hard work, you can go to your own home gym, have a training, then shower after that. To do it regularly and observe how our condition and body improve.

Unfortunately, not many of us reach that and stay on the level of theoretical knowledge.

Physical activity vs. age

The effect is that we do not care about health and physical activity. This transfers for children, as they do not have the proper example in the family, they are lacking the right education. Children avoid exercising what results in problems with obesity, even within the youngest. If we will not do anything when we are young, then in older age the probability of starting to exercise will be much lower. When we are around 50 years old, our condition is 70% lifestyle, and 30% genes.

I am sixty myself and I know to what do I owe my good shape. Above all, I never smoked and I drink alcohol only occasionally and symbolic amounts. I would not dare to write this article if my lifestyle was different. Yet, exercises are the most important for me, as it benefits our bodies in the best way.  Gymnastics gives a good effect, of course within reason, even if gymnastics would be the only physical activity.

As I am doing business all over the world, I have to work hard and the time I spend on physical training must be used wisely. As a TYTAX® brand owner I know that among many choices, the diverse weight training that activates several muscle groups is the best possible choice for good health. I am lucky because my company produces this kind of machines, which give interesting training possibilities for every muscle group.

Five days a week, me and my wife train in my gym for an hour. Sometimes I feel exhausted because of my work, and the only person that motivates me to exercise is my wife. Mutual motivation is vital as there are moments when we feel really lazy. Having in mind how crucial for my health is physical condition and thus mental health, it motivates me more than enough to have my workout. I am sixty, but my condition is like I would be 40-years-old. I work hard, but I can combine it with taking care of my physical condition. I feel happy because I am healthy, and I can say is that the older we become, the bigger influence we have on how we feel and look.

How to start exercising and improve your health and physical condition

Above all, it is never too late to start exercising. Set out an objective which will motivate you to physical activity. Women dream of the fit body, shapely legs, flat stomach and round buttocks. Men, for example, dream about won tennis or golf tournaments. When spring comes, men cannot wait to go on a court or golf course, but how to do it without any physical preparation? It would be the fight with own weakness rather than pleasure, and without any chances for sports success, let alone the risk of injuries.

Regular exercising is not only the basis for good condition and health but also positive aesthetic changes and the chance for sports successes.

From personal experience I can say, that home gym is the perfect solution for people, who want to change their lives and start exercising. Having your own gym you train how much you want, anytime. In the morning, just after getting up, or in the evening.

I can say I am lucky because I am mixing sport’s passion with business. My company TYTAX FACTORY produces the best multifunctional strength and fitness training machines. Every TYTAX® machine offers hundreds of valuable exercises essential in bodybuilding and fitness, but also specialized exercises good for golf, tennis, rowing, hiking, American football. Preventive and medicinal exercises can be performed too.

If I would not be aware of the benefits that come from regular physical activity, I would not spend decades of my life to create and develop TYTAX® machines, nearing them to perfection. They were created because of my love for exercises.

Perhaps my story will make someone to start the journey with exercises.

How to support your loved ones in caring for their health?

We should support ourselves in the strive for the better health. Elders should be motivated by their children. We should help and inform older people about the positive effects of physical activity with simple language. The other example of help would be the purchase of equipment. It is important to show own example to parents and how important the physical activity is.

Remember that the help we give to our parents, not only changes their lives, but also ours, as the state of our parents has a huge impact on our lives, isn’t it? Also, remember that our old age starts now. What we do for our health in our twenties or thirties, basically means an investment in our older years. When should we start to exercise? Every moment is good, but the sooner, the better. It can be said that it is never too late and never too soon.

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