Why is it worth to exercise?

No physical activity damages human’s good condition and health, motion and methodical physical exercises save and preserve health. Who said something like that? It was Platon.

Just be thankful, when as a reason for worrying signals from your body, you’ll plan a visit to a doctor and you receive one of the most important recipes. The one only you can complete – start exercising.

Even those who are advised to exercise, even though the advice is simple and easy to understand, all of us want to live in good health, but the majority of us do nothing about it.

It looks like the majority of us think about health only in terms of chronological age. But the concept of “biological age” becomes more and more important. Chronological age is only a number, whereas biological age is an actual condition of our health. Unfortunately, in around two-thirds of us, biological age is “older” than chronological.

There is an easy test to find out. Stand on your weaker leg with eyes closed and try to keep that position as long as you can. Good result for 20 years old is around 30 seconds, for 50 years old 10 seconds. Many people fail this test. Moreover, the majority of people have too much of visceral adipose tissue, even if they are not obese. Another test is to sit down on a chair and stand up 10 times and see how much time does it take. The test checks how strong are your lower part muscles, quads, and glutes. The faster you perform, the better. It should take for men under 35 years old around 10 seconds, for women 12 seconds. Whereas men in their fifties should perform this test in around 13 seconds, women in 15 seconds. The last group, men who are older than 55 years old should perform this test in around 18 seconds, and women in 19 seconds.

All results below normal mean that our biological age is older, that we are getting older faster. If we do not react to this fact it will accelerate. Our concerns should not be focused only on how we look. Pay attention to the fact of how much time we spend brushing teeth, whereas how much time we spend caring for our hearts? We care for our teeth because if we would not, they could ruin our appearance. Of course, our teeth are important for general health, but what about our cardiovascular system? What should be more important to our external appearance or our internal health? Still, most of us do nothing to keep good condition and health.

What is the effect? World Health Organization examined that over 1.4 billion adults across the world perform not enough physical activity. This mainly concerns highly developed countries, where people mainly do seated work and are “chained to a desk”.

Why we don’t do much, to stay healthy?

I am also „chained to a desk”. My name is Stanley Szultka (Schooltka) and I am the owner of TYTAX FACTORY. I am pretty sure none of you have met me or heard about me as I spent the last 25 years to create and transform TYTAX machines. At that time my company was developing in-home gyms manufacturing. The work to build and develop TYTAX machine, and to build greater and greater factory surrounded me that much, that it should damage and worsen my health. But it did not. It reinforced me, as I am in my sixties now and I have great condition and health. I hope that I’ll find now more time to introduce myself to you.

The most precious thing in life is LIVING. We should stay as healthy as we can during our life.

Running a business all over the world I have to work hard, and the time I spent on exercising has to be spent efficiently. As the owner of TYTAX® I know, that among many forms of physical activity, the best option is a varied strength training with weights that activates many muscle parts. I am in luck, that my company manufactures such machine which I’ve invented, as they provide a possibility of workout which is free from boredom. Five times a week I go down to my home gym with my wife, and we work out for an hour. Mutual motivation to exercise is very important, as sometimes I am exhausted because of work, and my wife mobilizes me. We together are aware of how crucial is the physical condition for our health so we rarely skip workouts. Thanks to that in our sixties our biological age is 45 years.

No one knows how many years we will live. We all know one thing: We want to keep good health in our future.

That’s why I often wonder why people work so hard to have a beautiful house, car or company, but they don’t do much to keep good health. Why we do not place health in the first place? Why we blindly believe that when we get sick, academic medicine will help?

Why we highly value health, but our actions deny it?

I think the main problem here is the lack of education on this subject. We do not receive this knowledge in school, in media or in our family. We grow up but we don’t know how to care for our health! But education is not enough to start doing something. I think it might be due to the inability to experience this fantastic feeling when after a hard day you can go to your home gym, workout and take a long shower. Doing so for a couple of weeks and observe how our condition and body change together with our health!

The fact that we don’t exercise as adults are also negligence of our children. When we do not perform regular physical exercise, our kids do not have a good example. This may lead to a bigger problem like obesity, even among the youngest.

What’s more, if we do not exercise as young people or in our middle age it is very hard to start exercising in old age. As one grows older, the more conscious one should be about the fact that we are responsible for our health. In our fifties, our condition depends on 70% on our lifestyle, and in 30% on our genes. Of course the older we get, our lifestyle becomes even more important.

So what to do start caring for our health and condition?

It’s never too late to start exercising. That’s why it is worth establishing goals that will motivate us. In the beginning, women can dream about shapely legs and buttocks or a flat stomach. Men, for instance, can dream about winning golf or tennis tournaments. Everyone has different goals, but it is always worth to exercise! Health benefits might serve as an additional bonus.

Many of you may say, that regular training is a thing that is easy to say, hard to do. I agree, as people who work 10 hours and more might not feel motivated to exercise in the evening.

Moreover, if one has to waste more time to get to a commercial gym or fitness studio.

I always have the great argument that says:

Medication or exercising!

I want to amplify my message especially for people who value their time. Having a home gym is a perfect solution.

From my experience, I know that the gym in your home or garage is a great place and solution to start changing your life and start to exercise. When you can train in your home you can do it whenever you want and how much you want. In the morning before work, or in the late evening!

I am lucky that I combined my passion for sport with my business and my company TYTAX produces the best multifunctional machines for strength training and fitness for home gym use.

When I started designing in 1998 and for the 20 years of TYTAX transformation I never thought that such the tragic time will come. Coronavirus pandemic across the world will cause a closure of almost all commercial gyms.

For people who love to exercise this is the apocalypse. The more difficult it is due to the fact that you cannot perform other sports too. Even in these dark times, we have to care for our health and try to exercise!

I am sure that right now, people who are in possession of the TYTAX machine are not in a bad mood right now. When you have TYTAX you are independent of the problems outside. You can perform hundreds of exercises including bodybuilding and fitness. What’s more specialist exercises prepared for several sports like golf, tennis, rowing, climbing or American football. TYTAX machines also allow performing preventive and stretching exercises!

Now in the time of coronavirus pandemic, one comment written by our clients fits. He works in a NASA:

They really get some NASA engineers to make this, the awesome job is like they travel in a time machine and went to year 3017 to get the home gym people use in that year and then come back with it.

It shows that the future is for TYTAX, even in a thousand years people will still want to have those machines!

I think so too as I feel the benefits that regular exercises give me.

That’s why I keep telling people to exercise and care for their health for the last 25 years!

Most of you think „It’s too late to be in good health”. It’s not! I exercise all my life and I have over 60 years. My mother started to exercise when she was 78 and she still does, even though she has over 80 years. I exercise because I love it and I want to develop TYTAX machines, my mother does it because she feels benefits from it.

At the same time it shows that almost all of us want to die young, but as late as it is possible! So keep our good health and grow old.

Growing old is a process that is out of our control. No one wants to live in a weak and fragile body and to always be dependent on someone to function. Even though getting older is natural, rapid growing older is a sickness caused by ourselves.

From the biological point of view, it is possible to be younger than our chronological age. Our body is self-repairing and is designed to function well if we care for it. Thanks to proper lifestyle and exercising we can become healthier than when we were young. Unfortunately, most of us do nothing and over 60% of people have their biological age older than a chronological one.

Therefore in our way to become healthy we should support ourselves! Older people should motivate young ones. Educate your children about how important exercising is. Put it into your daily routine, buy equipment and start doing it and benefits will come.

Keep in mind that helping our parents in their adventure for better health not only impacts them but also us.

Also, remember that our old-age starts now. What we do when we are in our twenties or thirties will affect our health much later.

When should we start to exercise?

Every moment is good but sooner you start exercising, especially with weights, the better results you will have. We can say that it is never too late and never too soon! Start now and enjoy a healthier and longer life.

I can confirm the fact that regular and full energy workouts can l prolong our lives!

But in particular, what are benefits that come from regular exercising? What is to exercise?

Exercising as other physical activities improve or maintain the condition and good health. Whether you train for better looks or better health, or to improve your sports results, it does not matter. According to some knowledge, mostly young and middle-aged people exercise.

But I am sure there is a major percentage of people who treat exercising as health prevention. To strengthen the immune system and to prevent „wealth diseases” so diseases of heart, cardiovascular system, or diabetes.

Those affects mostly older people.

Appreciating the role of exercises, the World Health Organization recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate physical effort, or 75 minutes of intense physical effort weekly. Doing so regularly for example for 6 months, the genetic code of mitochondria of 70-year-old man may look just like the one of 25 years old.

Since the exercise benefits are so obvious, why the majority of us having this in mind are not transforming the knowledge into practice? Why conditions like obesity don’t convince us? Why we wait for the first heart attack, back problems or diabetes doing nothing?

I have the magic pill that allows to eat more, relieve stress and strengthen your brain! It’s something that can to everything and even more – regular physical exercising!

This magic pill is also for those who still feel young and are in their forties. It is the last moment to start exercising!

For those who think they are not affected and they can work “chained” to their desks and rest on a couch after, I have a great video which I hope will “release” those handcuffs of laziness:

After watching I really hope that you start to exercise regularly and realize that there is no doctor who can do much for our health as we can.

So, as everyone wants to exercise now, let’s start to exercise for diabetes prevention

As we know, people suffer from diabetes of type 1 or 2. Yet many of us do not know that they have this sickness and when they find out they are desperate. Diabetes is not a death sentence! It can be a start for positive changes! But only when we understand this dangerous and sneaky sickness.

First and the most important thing to fight diabetes is to keep proper body weight as it increases tissue sensitivity for insulin, in case of diabetes type 2. Not only weight-reducing is important but also regular exercising, as it consumes an excess of glycogen in our cells and helps to control the concentration of glucose in the blood. Moreover, exercising raise the sensitivity of our cells for insulin which is helpful in weight loss and absorption of nutrients.

When „fighting” diabetes you not only change your life but also of your relatives. Thanks to your actions you reduce the risk that diabetes will affect them in the future.

Exercises to prevent and treat back pain

Similar to diabetes, back pain is a disease of modern civilization. Most often these condition is caused by deformation of the natural curvature of the spine due to abdominal obesity or desk work. What to do to avoid this pain or reduce it?

The simplest method is to build a corset of a strong back and abdominal muscles. Strong wait muscles are vital for our health for our entire life! When we have one it will protect our spine as armor.



Strength training and cardio

The best forms of physical activity to strengthen muscles and cardiovascular system are strength training and cardio! This type of exercise is not only great for our general health and condition but it also prevents injuries which we can get doing other sports, or at home.

Diversified strength training and cardio are beneficial as it helps in many things like:

  1. Heart failure, so a gradual decrease in the heart’s ability to pump blood to satisfy our body. 6,5 BILLION in the USA and tens of millions in other countries suffer from it. The heart is a big muscle made from billions of cells. It beats 100 000 times a day and it is the most mechanically active body organ. It can be compared to a car engine. A regular physical effort like cardio reinforces the heart and improves its performance as during exercising our heart beats faster to supply the blood to muscles. During intense training billions of capillaries open to supporting muscle fibers. Our heart can pump 20 liters of blood per minute (40 liters for athletes) so 4 times more than 5 liters when we are resting! During the physical effort, systolic blood pressure increases. When we finish it drops below the level before exercising for 2 or 3 hours. As the effect when we are not exercising heart beats slower, but with every beat, it pumps more blood and it becomes more efficient. Therefore the risk of heart attack decreases.
  2. Regular exercise reinforces the vascular system. Arteries, veins, and capillaries have a total length of 100.000 kilometers! The efficient vascular system in BASIC for a healthy and active life. Blood together with oxygen and nutrients is transported by the vascular system. Physical effort increases the number and the size of blood vessels which leads to the situation that transporting becomes easier and faster. Oxygen and nutrients are supplied easier which gives energy for everyday tasks. Therefore oxygenated blood flows smoothly and cleanses our blood vessels of fat deposits.
  3. Systematic physical effort, especially cardio improves our breathing. When we exercise our body needs more oxygen and our lungs are intensively working to supply it to our tissues and muscles. As the effect of regular exercise, breathing becomes easier during effort and when we rest. Doing intense cardio training activates our lungs to flow up to 200 liters of air EVERY MINUTE. When we rest the number decreases to 12 liters per minute for most of the people. Cardio causes the growth of oxygen usage taken from the air and strong breathing muscles shape a chest and posture.
  4. Exercising strengthens the immune system. Regular physical effort can improve your ability to defend against infections and helps to prevent the natural degradation of the immune system, due to getting older.
  5. Exercising stimulates our brains! Research shows that physical effort can improve our memory and concentration. It also can increase the synthesis of serotonin (brain’s neurotransmitter). Other research proved that exercising can slow down the degradation of cognitive function for older people.
  6. Physical activity decreases inflammation in our body, which is often connected with an increased level of marker for inflammation CRP, which may lead to some types of cancer.
  7. Exercises increase the muscles’ strength and endurance. Muscles are tools that we use in every day’s work. We need strength for some activities and endurance to perform an action for longer. Exercising improves the length and flexibility of muscle fibers and they develop the ability of muscles to react for the stimulus of the nervous system. Contraction and relaxation of muscle during exercising make the blood flow and lymph node drain easier. It’s important as proper blood supply to muscles supplies also oxygen and glycogen, whereas outflow removes the “products” of muscle work so mainly lactic acid.
  8. Exercising increases the density of bones. Muscles are attached to bones and when we exercise they “massage” our bones. As a result, they become denser and more resistant to fracture. The older we are the more significant it becomes to slower the process of bone loss. Physical stress causes the growth of new bone tissue, but it needs to be strength training. It is a wide group of exercises that contains not only weight lifting but every exercise that works against gravity. Running, dancing, climbing and so on. Activities like swimming or cycling are not activating our bones enough. Therefore if you want to reinforce your bones in vulnerable places (like waist, spine, and arms due to osteoporosis), focus on those muscle groups.
  9. Regular workouts are also beneficial for our joints. They improve their flexibility and range of movement. Thanks to increased excretion of synovial fluid, our joins are in better condition. Exercising also improves the strength of our tendons and ligaments.
  10. Physical exercises help to maintain proper body weight. A regular training routine has a crucial role in weight loss. The more you “burn” the more weight you lose. World Health Organization recommends 150 minutes of exercise per week to avoid the excess of weight.
  11. Exercises make our skin look better as more oxygen and nutrients are transported to it with blood.
  12. Regular physical effort makes our nerve fibers better. Often used fibers that activate muscles conduct stimulus faster. They also build a high-quality myelin sheath. It is important in the prevention of diseases that destroy nerve fibers like diabetes.
  13. Physical effort to improve our metabolism. It can also prevent cancer due to the improvement of energy metabolism, immune functions, and acceleration of food flow in our bowels. Exercises can lower hormone levels, for example, estrogen and insulin (they are responsible for cancer growth). But you need more than just a walk. According to some research 30-60 minutes daily can reduce the risk of breast and colon cancer.
  14. Regular exercises reduce stress and its effects, as it releases endorphins. They can improve your emotional and mental health and reduce the release of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Exercising stimulate many substances in our brain so we become more relaxed and happy! They also increase our self-esteem.
  15. What’s more? Exercising waist muscle groups strengthens the efficiency of smooth muscle and performance of organs which are located in the abdomen and pelvis. Physical effort can improve stomach and bowel processes and indirectly affect our liver and kidneys. Exercises prevent constipation, urine retention, infection and creation of urinary stones.
  16. Regular exercises make you sleep better!

Exercises are the best investment in a better life!

This investment does not require any financial outlays in comparison to the costs which we will pay when we lose our health!

What more let’s think about why we are saving money for decades for our retirement when we do not do much to live a healthy life and enjoy it!

In summary, I want to say that when you buy TYTAX you save time which you lose driving to the commercial gym a couple of times in a week, few dozens of times in a month and hundreds of times in a year! When you have your home gym you train whenever you want alone or with your friends or relatives.

Moreover, when you buy TYTAX you also buy the right to time, which will prolong your life thanks to exercising. It is the most priceless thing.

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