WHY TYTAX®? – “So why is it worth to buy TYTAX® Home Gym?” (Part 1)

Almost all of us know, that exercising is the best and cheapest way to care for our health. Also, we can all agree that no money matters if we are not in good health. So much worse when loss of health is painful, especially in chronic diseases.

If you are someone who loves strength training, and you cannot imagine your life without it, but it is hard for you to find time to train in the public gym – build your own HOME GYM!

If you are the opposite person who does not love to exercise, but you see how burdens of life affect you – build your own HOME GYM!

…and start to train regularly!

You might not know what to buy, or how to build a home gym. You can find detailed information in our blog article How to build a Home Gym.

Basic criteria to make a good decision and build your home gym: 

  1. Room size. Define the size of the room, which can you build or redesign for a home gym. If it is possible, use the room which will motivate you for regular training.
  2. Cheap or expensive equipment? Define conditions of durability, which your equipment should fulfill. Should it be a cheaper stuff, but the risk of malfunction is bigger? Or maybe more expensive, but solid?
  3. Choosing the right equipment. Define whether you will train alone, or with family/friends. For solo training choose more personalized equipment, which allows you to do your favorite exercises. If you can precisely specify those exercises, and you have the knowledge, you will probably want to implement new exercises to your routine. Think about your development! Boredom in the gym is forbidden. It is worth to have the multifunctional equipment to perform many interesting and valuable exercises. It is a good choice, especially if you need family equipment with more than one training station.
  4. Cardio training. Define if you need cardio equipment or not. There is no better way to burn fat and to care for your cardiovascular Rowing is the best cardio exercise, but the rowing machine takes a lot of space. That is why it is worth to consider when planning your home gym.
  5. Safety. When deciding what to buy, not everyone pays attention to this characteristic, but only to price. Yet, it should be the most important feature, especially when you train alone.

Now you know choosing criteria of home gym equipment so you can check the offers. What to buy? What is the best? There are hundreds or even thousands of propositions, but if you know what you need – do not trust ads. Choose the best equipment for you!

Exemplary critieria for choosing home gym equipment:

  1. Room size. If you have the space: Length 98’’ (250 cm), Width 59’’ (150 cm) or even bigger. Choose one of the TYTAX® machines.
  2. Cheap or expensive equipment? If you can spend at least 3.500 USD for a home gym – choose one of the TYTAX® machines.
  3. Choosing the right equipment. If you need the multi-station machine to perform many valuable exercises. Choose one of the TYTAX® machines.
  4. Cardio training. If you need a machine for strength and fitness training, but you also want cardio – choose one of the TYTAX® machines.
  5. If you need the premium product, which has top-notch safety during exercising – choose one of the TYTAX® machines.

But… Why TYTAX® home gym machines?

To cut it short, no one has ever built as perfect home gym machine as TYTAX®. It fulfills all expected needs. When you buy TYTAX®, you receive much more than you can imagine:

  • Multi-functionality: Sliding bench, upper pulley and other pulleys, TYTAX® smith machine, leg press, butterfly, upper and lower gate, preacher bench, handles for pull-ups, accessory rack and much more;
  • +300 exercises both for women and men;
  • Customization – extra equipment to perform more exercises in innovative variations;
  • Ergonomics – our machines are designed for comfortable and safe training by adjusting it for every user;
  • Easy to learn – machines are easy to use, and what is more, TYTAX® has made the base of guide videos for assembly, basics, exercises and more;
  • Cardio training – the possibility of cardio training: Rowing Machine, Sculling Simulator, and Power Runner;
  • TYTAX® Smith Machine & Counter Balance – designed and engineered by TYTAX®. They allow performing classic exercises, as well as those unique;
  • +20 years of experience – we are the American company with Polish roots. For more than 20 years we produce only TYTAX® machines. When making a purchase, you not only get the product, but also the experience and passions of solid, reliable machines for people across the world.

TYTAX® home gyms – the lifetime purchase

Have you ever bought a product, that was breaking all the time? Maybe you have a home gym machine that tends to break, and even if it not, it is limited in its exercise possibilities. I had that experience over 25 years ago, and it provoked me to create my own home gym. All started from a need to have good bodybuilding and fitness machine. That ‘need’ developed further… so I built a factory which produces TYTAX® for over 20 years.

What are our machines today? Comments from our YouTube channel describe them the best – “I want it!”. This is what people write after seconds of watching? What can they write after getting it, after first training or after years of using? We know the answers and that leads us to further development.

TYTAX® would not be created if 25 years ago there was the optimal equipment for my home gym. If not the people, who want to have TYTAX® in their home gyms, our machine would not be produced. Our machine equals 20 years of effort to build the best equipment as possible. Even for me, the constructor, it is hard to describe all the things you get when you buy one of our machines, but I will try. My divided my story about TYTAX® into two parts – construction and exercise possibilities.



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