WHY TYTAX®? – “Training with the additional equipment” (Part 4)

Cardio training

Rowing is considered the best cardio exercise. Unfortunately, professional rowing machines take some space to install, so sometimes it is not the price that tips the scales. In this situation, it is essential to know that all models besides TYTAX® S6, allow cardio training thanks to Option RM (Rowing Machine). The option is also great for people who train this sport.


Option PRM is more than that!

When I have created Option RM, I made around 300 000 reps on it when testing and after that as regular cardio training. After that, I asked for the assessment of the 4-time World Champion and Olympic Champion in rowing – Adam Korol. It has resulted in the creation of specialized Option PRM (Professional Rowing Machine) for rowing workout routine.


Option JA – the Jammer Arms

Option JA gives 54 exercises. It is made of 2 rams with great freedom of movement which imitates free weight training. Our Jammer Arms are valuable for those who like to train with dumbbells. The option is comfortable and allows as good freedom of movement as training with dumbbells, or free weights in general.


Option JD – the variety of exercises

The additional option which allows performing Option JA part, plus 130 extra exercises! These are valuable exercises for men (shoulders, back, chest), and for women (glutes, thighs).


Power Runner with Option JD

Power Runner exercise on TYTAX® T1-X and T3-X is great for glutes and thighs. It is the exercise number 186 od JD option. I never stopped to create new exercises, that is why I discovered how to perform power runner on our machines. It took me a few weeks of designing and testing. Even though I train glutes and thighs regularly, because of power runner tests, I had to endure sore muscles continuously. Therefore, it is always worth to seek new exercises. I will write the separate article about Power Runner.


Other additional options

TYTAX® machines can be equipped with many extra options. Each option allows to perform new exercises or provides you with new methods. Some options, like Option WR (Wrist trainer), has specific exercises dedicated to sports like golf, tennis or baseball.


Creating the innovative solution for comfortable and safe training with dumbbells

Probably most of you like to train with dumbbells and have the same problem – taking dumbbells off the floor and putting them off. TYTAX FACTORY during the production process was searching for the solution. When we finally found what we were looking for, it turned out that simple ideas are the best. We attached to TYTAX® Dumbbell a steel cable, so you can hang it on a handle, which can be installed wherever you like while exercising both on TYTAX® TX and M series. Mounting the steel cable on a dumbbell can be done quickly, and handles can be inserted in the smith machine sockets with the same speed. Cables on dumbbells do not impede the training.

Believe me, training with TYTAX® dumbbells with this solution, you do not have to worry about anything – you automatically train in the most comfortable position. The simple answer to the old problem, yet it is only available on our TYTAX® machines. The dumbbell case shows how TYTAX FACTORY cares for the smallest details, as they are essential for quality, comfort, and safety of the training.


One machine for 7 people

TYTAX® offers 6 models machine models, and each is multifunctional:

  • TYTAX® M1 and S6 have a single training station.
  • TYTAX® M2 and T2-X have two training stations.
  • TYTAX® T1-X has 3 training stations
  • TYTAX® T3-X has 7 training stations.

With such functionalities of T1-X and T3-X models requires some space, so naturally, those models are bigger. If the room space matters when choosing the machine model, it is essential to know, that on our website we provide the MINIMAL ROOM SIZE needed to fit the machine and train comfortably. After training, you can hide the bench inside the frame of the machine to save some space.


Medical project on TYTAX®

One more reason to choose TYTAX® is the great news we have for those who possess it, or who will buy it. For a few years now, TYTAX FACTORY is conducting medical research, that confirms that some functional exercises prevent and cure urinary incontinence, and sexual dysfunctions. For some time already, all TYTAX® machines are technically prepared for the implementation of our new medial project – PROJECT ANDROES – more on our blog.


The TYTAX® machine will never disappoint you!

When we create our machines, we care for our clients. We do not try to build them for the lowest price possible, quite the opposite, we work to develop as great machine as it is possible. TYTAX® machines are designed in a way, that even if you train with big loads, they will never fail you.


When building your home gym, remember to start your adventure with muscle building on TYTAX® machines!



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