WHY TYTAX®? – “Unique construction qualities of TYTAX® home gym machines” (Part 2)

Reliable TYTAX® machines. When someone asks you, which world brands you value the most, you answer that the reliable ones. People do not like things that break, and that is why on Google the most popular prefix is “best,” which indicates reliable products and services.

In 1989, when I built my first fitness exercise machine, I tried to make it as reliable as possible. It was the most important quality for me back then. Besides that, the device was not impressive, but it was good enough to upgrade it. Next versions were even better, so I decided to start “production” in my garage. Imagine, that people still use those machines back form 1990.

TYTAX FACTORY is guided by values that come from experience, that is why we know that it is worth to build and develop reliable machines. When you buy one, you do not pay in advance for the upkeep, because one of the TYTAX® qualities is reliable operation. We are sure of that because for over 20 years our products are perfected. TYTAX® gives you a no-disappointment-during-exercises guarantee.

Examples of reliability:

  1. Indestructible handles and weight cases – these elements are made from stainless steel, and they never use up. Also, there are not any problems to keep them clean.
  2. Indestructible guide rails – all guideways are made from stainless steel. A bench and weight cars move on them.
  3. Indestructible guide rails’ roller wheels – wheels with double bearings provides silent and fail-safe work.
  4. Special steel cables – very durable due to their unique construction. The very same cables are used in the air force to steer the direction of flight. Although we use cables with only 0.126’’ (3.2 mm) in diameter, they are made of very thin steel wirings and thanks to inner greasing, they can withstand even 1540 lbs (700 kg) of weight. When using them with TYTAX® machines, they are indestructible.
  5. Indestructible pulleys – made of a special and durable material, with properly profiled grooves and double bearings, they provide long, fail-safe work.
  6. Upholstery – very comfortable, made of high-quality material.
  7. Coating – certain TYTAX® elements are powder painted, but before painting, they are prepared by blast-cleaning. This system gives the high-quality coating.
  8. Ecological design – TYTAX® machines have the sustainable design. What is it? It is the one that allows development and does not lead to damage, and our machines’ brightest feature is their durability.

When you buy other machines, they often hardly endure the duration of the guarantee. You dump it in the junkyard and buy new. The dumped device pollutes the environment, or it requires to be recycled. The production of the brand new machine for you is another burden for the environment.

When we design our machines, we care for our future generations. When you buy TYTAX®, you buy it for a lifetime or longer. When we design our machines we care for our future generations. When you buy TYTAX® you buy it for a lifetime or longer.

  1. Indestructible modular construction – in the process of continuous improvement it is incredible that the idea of solid modular construction, developed over 20 years ago, is still used in brand new TYTAX® models. Having only a core, we can transform your old TYTAX® into the latest model! The decision is yours. We can prepare the bundle of elements, needed to convert your old model and send it wherever you are. This is what we call responsible design.
  2. Solid TYTAX® crate – TYTAX® machines are produced in Poland, and it travels a long (often over thousands of miles) distance by sea and land. When it arrives, it usually has to endure the unloading process. Our clients do not have to worry about transport dangers – we thought of everything.
  3. TYTAX® DIY – when your dreamed machine arrives, printed instructions and our detailed video guides will help you out. Our unique system of assembly is very intuitive, and you can easily do it yourself. Our biggest model – TYTAX® T3-X, can be assembled by two persons and it should not take more than 4-6 hours.
  4. We care about details – the first example is handles for cable training. A small thing, yet essential for people who exercise, because handles’ grips are rotary on ball bearings, which gives you the highest training comfort.
  5. We produce only TYTAX® machines – TYTAX FACTORY is the exclusive manufacturer for the brand. We do not waste energy for multiple products. We develop TYTAX® – invariably since 1998.
  6. Compact construction – save some space, especially when you create your home gym. Locations like submarines (small area, lots of people) or personal training studios are perfect for our machines.

Unique construction qualities are only the taste of what you get when you buy one of our machines. TYTAX® has tons of unique features, which you will discover during your great workouts.




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