Delivery, Returns & Refunds


a) Client will be notified about shipping date from our warehouse in USA,
b) Carrier will discuss with client a delivery date. NOTE: shipping company does not have to agree with delivery day, that client will indicate (like evening hours or weekend – this might be connected with additional costs),
c) Carrier’s car will be equipped with a lift to unload products,
d) During reception of products, there should be at least one adult person on buyer’s side,
e) Delivery does not include carrying products inside any room/garage/household,
f) Access to delivery place and road should be proper to drive without any problems.


1. If after receiving ordered products, within 7 days you will contact with TYTAX INTERNATIONAL LLC, and we will state, that products are damaged and/or are not consistent with your order, TYTAX INTERNATIONAL LLC commits to return the client’s money (in case of returning the products by client) or replacements of damaged products. In case of return, products must not be used and are ought to be returned in original packaging. TYTAX INTERNATIONAL LLC will organize transport for return and will cover its costs (hiring of shipping company).

2. If within 14 days after receiving ordered products, you will contact with TYTAX INTERNATIONAL LLC and state, that delivered products do not meet your expectations, you can return the products. Products must not be used and are ought to be returned in original packaging.

Return of goods, all costs of returning and any damage that occurs during time of returning is on CLIENT’S SIDE. The address, where goods should be returned:

SSMG Warehousing & Distribution, LLC
1000 Southern Patio Pkwy, Rowesville, SC 29133
Ph. (803) 535-2058

TYTAX INTERNATIONAL LLC can arrange the transport, who will pick up goods from the client and will deliver it to our warehouse – the costs of such an operation will be charged at the moment of returning money to client’s bank account. Before organizing the reception of goods, client will be notified about costs of the operation. NOTE: In case of returning the goods with our carrier, client is responsible for any damage that occurs during transport if it occurs due to wrong preparation of goods for transport.
If client wishes to organize own transport, TYTAX INTERNATIONAL LLC should be informed about carrier and shipping number – to be able to track the goods during the transport. Clients is obliged to arrange transport from one’s place of residence to TYTAX INTERNATIONAL LLC and cover all transport costs.
After return, goods are examined in terms of being compatible with the order and/or being damaged. If everything is checked, it takes around 7 days (since the day of return of the goods) to return money to client. If client wants to return product in unoriginal packaging, every part should be examined and secured from damage (e.g. bubble wrap).


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