Terms of delivery & returns

A right to return goods, due to damage or not being compatible with order

When you receive a TYTAX product, ordered by our website www.tytax.com/au, and the product will arrive damaged or incompatible with your order, TYTAX company commits to return your money (if you would like to return the goods), or replace damaged or wrong parts and elements.

You have the right to return goods within 14 days from the date of delivery, or other date coordinated with TYTAX company.

TYTAX company bears all costs of return and replacing damaged or incompatible goods.

After coordinating with TYTAX details of return, the buyer receives the address to return the goods.

The buyer can also ask TYTAX company to take over all procedures related to transportation, in case of return or replacing goods.


A right to return goods if product/products do not meet the client’s expectations


If within 14 days from the date of delivery of TYTAX products, a client contacts TYTAX company and states that delivered goods do not meet the client’s expectations, one has a right to return ordered products. At that moment, the client should write a short statement, that will declare a willingness to return goods. One’s right to return is unconditional without giving any reason.

From that moment, the client has to return products within 14 days from the date of statement or can coordinate a different date with TYTAX company. The buyer together with TYTAX company coordinates the method of return.

One can only return the goods if they are free of traces of wear over those that result from the normal usage for the time it was used by the client.

When one wants to return goods because they do not meet one’s expectations, all costs of return are on the buyer’s side. Especially the cost of packaging and transporting of the return shipment.

One has to know, that every machine sent from our factory located in Poland is thoroughly packed and secured from transport damage. Our employees spent many working hours to pack the whole crate carefully.



That’s why when one decided to return our products because they do not one’s expectations, goods have to be packed in the same careful way. Statistically, one in 2000 orders is returned in that way, that’s why a client can count on our help with advice on how to pack and secure all parts to avoid transport damage.



If the return applies to the TYTAX machine, a client can pack everything to the crate inside which the machine was delivered. It’s the cheapest solution. A client can also build one’s own wooden crate in coordination with the TYTAX company.

Although the size of such a crate should be agreed on by TYTAX, so it will be accepted by a transport company. It is important to know, that if the wooden crate will have to cross any customs borders, the client may bear additional costs for crate’s fumigation.

If the client states that one wants to take care of the transport by oneself, we will provide only the address of return.

When a client organizes the transport, one should provide the TYTAX company information about the transport company and shipment number.

TYTAX company can also take care of the transport of returned goods if a client agrees. In that case, the client is responsible for proper packing and securing of products. One shall prepare the goods for pick up by the transport company on the date coordinated with the TYTAX company.

TYTAX company shall examine the packaging and goods after the reception for any transport damage, and if any occurs, document it and inform a client about it.

When the crate reached the TYTAX warehouse, the company is obliged to return the transport costs to a client within 14 days from the date of the crate’s arrival. Within mentioned 14 days TYTAX company is also obliged to check the goods for any damage.

If TYTAX company states any damage in the returned goods, the client is obliged to bear the costs of repairing or the cost of a new part, if the repair cost is higher. These apply to situation when the damage is caused by improper usage of the product during the time of exploitation by the client, by return transport, or by incorrectly packaged machine for transport to TYTAX company.

TYTAX company is obliged to document the damage and inform the client.

Presenting the return conditions, we are proud to tell, that only one in 2000 machines is returned with the reason for not meeting the client’s expectations. Yet, our goal is to make EVERY client happy. We work hard to deliver the most detailed and quality descriptions of TYTAX products on our website, so you’ll be able to make the optimal decision for your purchase of our machines and additional equipment, or whether to make a purchase or not.




We deliver TYTAX® machines everywhere in the world! Our clients can place an order through e-shop on the following markets: USA, European Union, Canada & Mexico.

If you live in other country than above mentioned, please contact us at [email protected] . We will provide you with an individual offer, prepare essential documents, and make a delivery to your place of residence.



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