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Firma TYTAX FACTORY A.S. Szultka S.C. wzięła udział w projekcie Urzędu Patentowego RP, dofinansowanego z Funduszy Europejskich pn. „Własność intelektualna w Twojej firmie”.

Firma TYTAX FACTORY A.S. Szultka S.C. wzięła udział w projekcie Urzędu Patentowego RP, dofinansowanego z Funduszy Europejskich pn. „Własność intelektualna w Twojej firmie”. Celem projektu jest kształtowanie praktycznych umiejętności przedsiębiorców w zakresie wykorzystania ochrony własności intelektualnej, w tym przemysłowej oraz możliwości czerpania korzyści z tej ochrony. Efektem projektu jest uzyskanie praktycznej wiedzy, jak chronić własność […]

Gym Closed? Benefits of Personal Training Studio for Personal Trainers and their clients!

Not so long ago, there was a time when people thought that strength and fitness workouts were possible only in the public gym, and so they did or didn’t exercise at all. Even before the pandemic of COVID, many of us struggled with the typical obstacles in the gym. The eternal hold-up and waiting for […]

WHY TYTAX®? – “Unique exercise qualities of TYTAX® machines.” (Part 3)

  If you want to create your own home gym, or a gym inside a submarine, personal training studio or wherever the space is somewhat limited – buy a multifunctional machine for strength and fitness training, and do not forget about cardio. Such the equipment allows to perform valuable exercises, but if the quality of […]

WHY TYTAX®? – “Unique construction qualities of TYTAX® home gym machines” (Part 2)

  Reliable TYTAX® machines. When someone asks you, which world brands you value the most, you answer that the reliable ones. People do not like things that break, and that is why on Google the most popular prefix is “best,” which indicates reliable products and services. In 1989, when I built my first fitness exercise machine, […]

WHY TYTAX®? – “So why is it worth to buy TYTAX® Home Gym?” (Part 1)

  Almost all of us know, that exercising is the best and cheapest way to care for our health. Also, we can all agree that no money matters if we are not in good health. So much worse when loss of health is painful, especially in chronic diseases. If you are someone who loves strength […]

We are TYTAX® now!

WE ARE TYTAX® We developed into new, better quality. Visit our new website www.tytax.com. As you can see, we are TYTAX® now. Thanks to our new website we will be able to approach our present and future clients in even better way. Presently work is ongoing and the website will develop during next few months. […]


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