Health benefits that come from exercising

Physical activity is every activity that improves or maintains efficiency and good state of health. You should perform it because of various reasons, to strengthen your muscles and cardiovascular system, to develop skills in sports, or to lose weight. Frequent and regular exercising boosts the immune system and helps to prevent diseases of the heart, […]

Why is it worth to have a home gym?

Regular workouts several times in a week – easy to say! Everyone who works 10 or more hours a day, and spends some time to get to work or home, does not feel motivated to workout in the evening, all the more that one has to waste the time to get to the gym/fitness club. […]

TYTAX FACTORY Alina i Stanisław Szultka Partnership carries out project co-financed by European Funds “Implementation of innovative steel processing technology in production plant”

TYTAX FACTORY Alina i Stanisław Szultka Partnership carries out project co-financed by European Funds “Implementation of innovative steel processing technology in production plant TYTAX FACTORY Alina i Stanisław Szultka Partnership located in Brusy, Poland, Zip code 89-632, Wojska Polskiego 31 Street. The purpose was to create technological conditions to produce devices in the ANDROS Project, […]

How to build a home gym?

If you decide to build a home gym, satisfaction will be bigger if you choose the right equipment. If it allows you to perform many valuable exercises, then you know you want to train in your home, not inside a fitness club. What is important when choosing a home gym equipment? What equipment to choose? […]

UK Sales Manager – Pavel Sokolov

Hi everyone! Now, all our future and present clients from UK and Ireland can contact about purchasing TYTAX® machines with our sales manager – Pavel Sokolov – [email protected], ph. +44 78 6141 9979. Pavel lives in London. He works as personal trainer and he trains with his clients on TYTAX® T1-X!   At the same time we […]

Our way to success

We invite You to read the history of our company together with the history of the creator and constructor of TYTAX® brand – Mr. Stanisław (Stanley) Szultka here.

We are TYTAX® now!

WE ARE TYTAX® We developed into new, better quality. Visit our new website As you can see, we are TYTAX® now. Thanks to our new website we will be able to approach our present and future clients in even better way. Presently work is ongoing and the website will develop during next few months. […]


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