Our mission & vision

We are TYTAX®, and we love exercises. Thanks to our passion and devotion, we design and produce multifunctional home gym machines for over 25 years. As the global company we want to develop for the next decades, and that is why we must observe and understand trends and strengths, which affect the shape of our business.The work we are today involved in is something that must prepare us for challenges of tomorrow. Our faith in the great potential of company’s growth comes from its vision, and the vision was created at the very beginning of TYTAX®.


Our vision depicts a world in which people take care of their health and thanks to that they can improve the quality of their lives, especially in older age.


To fulfill our vision, we must continuously reach people in the whole world with the motto, inside which our mission is embedded:

Sport is good for health!

The motto, which is the very essence of what we do, is also in line with what World Health Organization concludes – regular physical activity is what you should do to be healthy. It is better to prevent than to treat.

With our message – health prevention by exercising, we want to reach people who live especially in highly developed countries where work does require less and less of physical effort, and much more of mental stress which has a negative impact on health.We in TYTAX® know that to successfully defend against it, we must regularly perform physical activity. With countless possibilities, strength training is the best.

Workout in a commercial gym sounds good, but driving there not so much – it often takes too much of your time. That is why, for people who value their time, the best solution is to have a home gym.

Today, thanks to TYTAX® machines, you can take care of your health whenever you want and how much you want, and it all happens in the privacy of your home. Each of the TYTAX® machines often gives you the wider possibilities than commercial gyms.

Health prevention by exercising is not the only message we share. We want to build TYTAX® machines which are adapted to work in places where it is important to improve the strength of those who exercise: submarines and ships, small military forts and fire departments, or personal training studios. In all those places, one TYTAX® machine gives unlimited possibilities.

We are TYTAX®, but we step out farther than the production of our machines. TYTAX® is the community who shares the same values – employees, clients, fans and the founder and CEO in one person.

We do not only do what we love but also we are very proud that thanks to flattering opinions of our clients we have the amazing motivation to give the best of us and build the TYTAX® brand. We never stop to make plans and think ahead. We are dreamers and we are not ashamed of it!

Dynamic development of our company and thousands of satisfied customers make us believe that we are able to do even more and even better. We not only want to “produce” the best home gym machines, we also want to change the lives of our clients. Do something for someone, not for ourselves, and share all the best things we have.

This is how we fulfill two main objectives of TYTAX® mission – we educate how to take care of health, and we provide reliable TYTAX® machines to people all over the world, which allow them to perform regular physical training in the best way possible.


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