Privacy Policy & Cookies

I. Definitions
All names written with capital letters are definitions contained in Online Shop, to which this document serves as annex.

II. General information
Privacy Policy & Cookies apply to data processing by Seller – TYTAX INTERNATIONAL LLC (full information available on Shop Policy and website) and use of cookies within the online shop.
Online shop realizes function of gathering Client’s data and storing it in the following way:
by providing data in forms willingly,
by saving „cookie” files in user’s device,
by storing www server logs by Online Shop hosting operator (important for correct operating of our service).

III. Form information
TYTAX INTERNATIONAL LLC collects information willingly provided by Client.
TYTAX INTERNATIONAL LLC can automatically save connection parameters (time marks, IP address).
Data in form is not shared to third-parties, until Client agrees, or it is stated otherwise below (that is established in law).
Data provided in form is processed only within the limits of the form’s functionality, e.g. registration of the account or Ordering (payment, shipment, complaints).

IV. Cookie files information
Online shop uses „cookie” files.
Cookie files („cookies”) are technical data, in most cases text files, which are stored in Client’s device and they are dedicated to be used in Online shop. Cookies often store name of the website, from which they originate, time they are stored on device, and the unique number.
Entity which places Cookie files in Client’s device, and have access to them, is the operator of the Online shop TYTAX INTERNATIONAL LLC.
Cookie files are used for:
creation of statistics, which help to understand how Clients of Online shop use the website, which in result allows to develop its structure and content;
maintenance of Client’s session (after login), so that Client does not have to login on each subpage;
defining Client’s profile to personalize display of advertising material, especially Google network.
Within the Online shop, two types of Cookie files are used:
‘Session’ cookies and ‘Permanent’ cookies. Session cookies are temporary files, which are stored in Client’s device until logging out, leaving website or closing software (web browser).
‘Permanent’ cookies are stored for limited time, defined in Cookie files’ parameter, or until their deletion by Client.
Web browsers often allow to store Cookie files in user’s device. Client may change settings in this area. Web browsers allow to delete Cookie files. It is also possible to automatically block ‘cookies’. Detailed information can be found in Help guides of web browser.
Limitation of Cookie files may result in loss of Website and Online shop functionalities.
Cookie files stored in Client’s device can be used by cooperating partners and advertisers.
Cookie files can be used by advertising networks, especially Google, to display advertising material adjusted to Client’s way of operating in Online Shop. To do that, Cookie files can store data about Client’s navigation, or time spent on page.
Client may not agree on processing of Cookie files by not accepting the agreement displayed on the Website (it may cause incorrect operation of website).
Within the range of Client’s preferences stored by Google network, Client may browse and edit information, which relate to ‘cookies’, with the help of the device:

V. Server logs
Data connected with some Client’s behaviors, are logged within server layer. This data is used only to administrate Online Shop, and to provide best hosting service.
Browsed content is identified by URL addresses. Moreover, following data can be saved:
time of arrival of order or enquiry,
response time,
Client’s station name – identification realized by HTTP protocol,
information about errors which resulted from HTTP transactions,
URL address of Client’s previously visited page (referrer link) – in case when Online shop entry was from the link,
Client’s web browser data,
IP address data.

Above mentioned data is not associated with person or any personal data of one who browse Website – within the meaning of law they are anonymous.
Above mentioned data is used only to administrate server.

VI. Mouseflow
What is Mouseflow?
Mouseflow is a tool used by 125,000+ clients to analyze, understand, and improve user experience on websites.
It offers session replay/recordings, heatmaps, funnels, forms, and feedback campaigns.
To learn more about these features, visit Tour page.
What information is collected?
When you visit our webpage, the following information may be collected:
Clicks, Mouse Movements/Hovers, Scrolling
Device (Desktop/Tablet/Phone)
Operating System
Screen Resolution
Duration (Time on Site)
Navigation (URLs)
Page Content (HTML)
ISP & Approx. ISP Location (City, State/Region, Country)
Keystrokes (only for non-EU/EEA Data Subjects in non-EU/EEA accounts and never for any password, digit, or excluded fields)
Referrer URL
Visitor Type (First Time/Returning)
Custom Tags or Variables

The data is stored from 1-12 months, depending on the specific plan associated with a client account.
What can you do?
Data Access
If you wish to obtain a copy of your data*, please contact us at [email protected]. If we are unable to process your request or do not respond in a timely manner, please contact Mouseflow at [email protected].
Data Correction
If you wish to correct your data*, please contact us at [email protected]. If we are unable to process your request or do not respond in a timely manner, please contact Mouseflow at [email protected].
Data Erasure
If you wish to erase your data*, please contact us at [email protected]. If we are unable to process your request or do not respond in a timely manner, please contact Mouseflow at [email protected].
Revoking Consent
If you gave your consent to have information processed by Mouseflow (in our feedback widget) and wish to revoke it, please both contact us at [email protected] and Mouseflow at [email protected].
Opt Out
If you do not wish to be tracked, you can opt-out at:
This places a cookie on your computer which will prevent any further tracking (unless deleted).
* Mouseflow require clients to exclude Personal Data from being captured. As such, the data stored by Mouseflow is expected to be anonymous in nature. This may alter your rights above or our ability to obtain a copy, correct, or erase your data as there is no way to trace it to you.

VII. Data sharing
Data is shared to third parties only within the limits which are permitted by law.
Seller may have the responsibility to share data stored by Online shop with authorized offices/bodies based on legal requests, in the field resulting from request.
Seller may share Client’s personal data with entity which takes over rights and responsibilities of Seller, within the limits of Online shop.
In that case, Client will be informed about new administrator of their personal data, in accordance with applicable rules.
Entities responsible for IT services for data administrator, can also be receivers of data.

VIII. Personal data security
Online shop – TYTAX INTERNATIONAL LLC takes care and ensures the safety of Client’s personal data. Due to that, everywhere where is needed to provide personal data, secure connection between Client and server is used. Thanks to that Client do not have to worry, that data is sent to/from the server and can be seen/stolen/used.
The administrator of personal data is TYTAX INTERNATIONAL LLC, 48 Wall Street 11th Floor, New York, NY 10005, United States of America. Data Protection Supervisor contact: [email protected].
Personal data has been provided knowingly and willingly and will be processed only in the limits mentioned in this document: Paragraph 3 – point 4; Paragraph 4 – point 4; Paragraph 5 – point 4.
Without explicit approval, personal data will not be shared with other receivers, excluding entities responsible for IT services connected with service maintenance.

IX. Changing, editing, deleting and processing of personal data.
Pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 April 27th, 2016 of the European Parliament and of the Council on protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, and the free movement of such data and repeal of Directive 95/46/WE (data protection regulation) TYTAX INTERNATIONAL LLC ensures Client’s open access to personal data, its change, edition and deletion.
Access, change, edition of personal data may be performed in any time with Client’s account with prior registration and being logged in, or by contacting Customer Service.
On Client’s account, after prior registration and being logged in, there is the possibility to withdraw each data processing agreement (e.g. marketing, newsletter), excluding ‘Cookies’ (see point 8).
Any information about access, changing or editing personal data, can be obtained by contacting our Data Protection Supervisor contact: [email protected].
If you have any more questions please contact our Data Protection Supervisor contact: [email protected]. uses automate data processing, which is profiling, to adjust the offer to personal need of Client.
Client has right to lodge a complaint to supervisory authority.
Description of how to withdraw the processing of ‘cookies’ agreement can be find in Paragraph 9 in this document.
Processing of personal data agreement always has time limit within which they are in force, in case of absence of time limit, they are in force until eventual withdrawal of consent, and after withdrawal, within the limitation period for introducing claims available for administrator, unless the processing is held under other legal provisions than mentioned agreement (e.g. sales contract).

X. Administrating Cookie files – how to practically accept or withdraw consent?
If Client does not want to use ‘Cookies’, one can change web browser settings. We inform, that switching off Cookie files, which are essential to authentication, security and keeping Client’s preferences, may hinder or prevent one from using Online Shop.


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