Home Gym TYTAX® M2

4,399.00$ tax incl.

• Uses: Home Gyms, Personal Trainers Studios, Uniformed Services Units, Small Fitness Clubs!
• Only 102ft² need to use the machine comfortably!
• 2 training stations & independent sliding bench!
• +200 VARIOUS exercises for every muscle part IN STANDARD!
• Sliding bench with regulated angle of seating and backrest, upper pulley and other pulleys, leg press, upper and lower gate, preacher bench, handles for pull-ups, professional accessory rack and much more!
• Indestructible construction and unique military design!
• 100% Made in European Union,
• +5000 satisfied customers all over the world!
• Promotion! Additional options B ( $299.99 USD ) & C ( $299.99 USD ) added IN STANDARD!
• Free delivery!
• Short delivery time!
• Upholstery of RED COLOR only!

• IMPORTANT! All accessories and handles that are needed to perform the exercise are included in standard accessory of TYTAX® MACHINE. Barbells, weights, dumbbells and additional options are not included in standard accessory of TYTAX® machines – unless otherwise specified in the offer. You will find all additional accessories for the machine in the section below. SEE MOVIE

TYTAX® M2 is a professional home gym equipment dedicated to the most demanding customers. M2 has 2 leverage arms and unlimited exercise possibilities. TYTAX® gym machines are recommended by leading bodybuilders and personal trainers around the world. If you want to buy a machine to your home gym or to your garage gym you will not find a better deal.

Terms of delivery for USA / CANADA / EUROPE ( EU ) / AUSTRALIA: Delivery of TYTAX® machines to the curb or flat open driveway no longer than 10m / 32ft. If the driveway is longer than 10m / 32ft and there is a gate before the driveway, the driver has the right to refuse entry to a private property, even though the buyer agrees. Please contact us before purchasing if the driveway is longer than 10m / 32ft and has a closed gateway. We will first contact the shipping company to determine if entering on private fenced driveway is possible and what are the additional charges for the service. If it happens that there will be additional costs, we will inform You.

If the driveway is shorter than 10m / 32ft but it is hard to reverse there with bigger truck because driveway is tight and pitched, driver has right to leave the goods in front of the driveway. See the example of the driveway we describe HERE.

Terms of delivery for Mexico: Please contact us before purchasing and give your delivery address. Our company will check whether our partner from Mexico delivers the goods to the given address or only to the nearest store where you can pick up the ordered goods.

Terms of delivery other countries: Please contact us. Our factory delivers TYTAX® machines to customers from all over the world.

Taxes USA / EUROPE ( EU ) / AUSTRALIA – For these countries all taxes are included in price of each item from our e-shop. We fulfill an order from our central warehouses located in: USA, Europe and Australia. Delivery cost is free excluding states AK & HI in USA for orders over $3,000 USD.

Taxes Canada & Mexico – For Canada and Mexico customers we fulfill orders from our central warehouse in USA. Transport cost for an order over $3,000 USD is free. Prices on our Mexican ( MX ) and Canadian ( CA ) e-shop are net prices. To the presented prices our agent will calculate additional sales tax after purchase (GST depends on province in Canada and IVA for Mexico) and customs broker fees and insurance during transport cargo.

Taxes other countries – Every country has different rates of sales tax and duty tax. Please contact us so we can prepare your full offer.

Also included in pack:

TYTAX® M-Option-B

TYTAX® M-Option-C

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We deliver TYTAX® gym equipment inside specifically designed crates with bulletproof construction. Thanks to that, we are able to deliver our machines intact everywhere.


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