Why home gym?

Save time
and money

An average gym customer spends around an hour to get to the gym and get back home. With us you save the cost of the transport and gym membership.

You can train what you want, and whenever you want because you have your own fitness studio in one TYTAX® machine. You no longer need to adjust to conditions in a fitness studio (availability of equipment, number of people inside, opening hours). Another advantage is that your trainings are complex and in proper pace, without needless pauses. So again – you save your time and make your trainings more efficient.


You take care
of hygiene of
your machine

For example, to dry the sweat on upholstery, which results in better comfort of your trainings. In fitness studios the hygiene really varies.

In your home gym you can train with your friends, husband/wife, brother, son, father, daughter… with whoever you can imagine! It will be the great place to relax in active way with no time restrictions. You can listen to YOUR music, watch favorite TV series, all of which over time become the important matter.

No need to feel discomfort from presence of other people, especially when your road to perfect body has just started. Also, you are not exposed to bacterial and allergic infections.

You live in small town where there is no FITNESS studio.

Thanks to TYTAX®
you can have your own!
Do you prefer to train alone or maybe you cannot focus on exercises because of the presence of other people? In your home gym you can train alone, or maybe with your kids, which would be the great way of spending time together! Moreover, for example, you can correct faulty postures of your kids after consulting the doctor.Or maybe you are a famous public/business person and you enjoy privacy?
Then you enter your home gym, where no one can take photos of you and no one disturbs your trainings. As you can see, there are a lot of advantages of having home gym, especially if you are a busy person but you want to take care of your health and body. When you own a TYTAX® machine, you do not need to get to your trainer in fitness studio, your trainer…
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Bulletproof TYTAX® crate

We deliver TYTAX® gym equipment inside specifically designed crates with bulletproof construction. Thanks to that, we are able to deliver our machines intact everywhere.
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