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Road to know TYTAX® T3-X - Description
Road to know tytax T3-X

T3-X Description

TYTAX® T3-X Home Gym - Home Gym Beast With 7 Training Stations

With 7 independent training stations you can train together with your 6 friends.
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Best Multi-Station Gym Machine for Perfect Home Gyms and Uniformed Services Units by TYTAX®

The T3-X can be used both in home gym and uniformed service units, where physical condition matters like fire departments, army etc.
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TYTAX® Home Gym Machines - Premium Devices for Total Body Training and the Best Choice

TYTAX® Home Gym Machines - 5 models to fit your needs of total body training in the privacy of your home.
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How to build the Ultimate Home Gym with Unlimited Possibilities? - TYTAX® Customers

Every TYTAX® machine in the clients' home gyms make us proud. We receive many photos from You from all over the world, from US to Japan!
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• Uses: Uniformed Services Units, Small Fitness Clubs, Personal Trainers Studios & Home Gyms!
• 7 independent training stations!
• Only 22m² need to use the machine comfortably!
• +200 VARIOUS exercises for every muscle part IN STANDARD!

• Sliding bench with regulated angle of seating and backrest, upper pulley and other pulleys, smith machine, leg press, butterfly, upper and lower gate, preacher bench, handles for pull-ups, professional accessory rack and much more!
• Indestructible construction and unique military design!
• 100% Made in European Union!
• +5000 satisfied customers all over the world!

T3-X Dimensions