Health benefits that come from exercising

Physical activity is every activity that improves or maintains efficiency and good state of health. You should perform it because of various reasons, to strengthen your muscles and cardiovascular system, to develop skills in sports, or to lose weight. Frequent and regular exercising boosts the immune system and helps to prevent diseases of the heart, cardiovascular, or TYPE 2 diabetes. Exercising can also reduce the effects of childhood and adult obesity. What more, it also improves mental health and depression.

World Health Organization advises to weekly perform at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of intense training. After six months of regular activity, the genetic code of mitochondria of 70-year-old men/women resembles one of 25-year-old.

Benefits that come from exercising are obvious, yet most people still hesitate and postpone the decision to start their training, even though they have the knowledge.

Obesity and problems with exercise capacity are not convincing too. Unfortunately, the most drastic signals for change like heart attack, serious problems with back because of obesity, or diabetes, might as well be fatal.

Physical activity in TYPE 2 Diabetes prevention

When people are diagnosed with TYPE 2 diabetes, they feel distraught. Yet, diabetes is not a life sentence! It might be the start of positive changes.

One of the best ways to fight this sneaky disease is to keep the right body weight – it increases the lost tissues’ insulin sensitivity. Losing weight is not the only aspect that is important – regular exercising is essential as well.  Exercises “consume” an excess of glycogen in muscles and control the concentration of glucose in the blood. What more, they make cells more sensitive to insulin, what allows the loss of weight and the better absorption of nutrients.

Fight with diabetes, so you could change not only your life, but also lives of your family and friends.

Exercises as the prevention and treatment of back pain

Same as diabetes, back pain is a part of civilization diseases. Most often, the result of this problems is a deformation of the natural curvature of the spine. The cause of lesions is abdominal obesity. What to do to ease the pain?

The easiest and healthiest method is to build the “corset” made of strong back and abdominal muscles to protect as like armor and to hold the proper posture. These muscle parts are essential for our health it any age.

Weight training as one of the best type of physical activity. What are the benefits?

One of the best type of physical activity to strengthen muscles is weight training. It should serve as the basis for your exercising because it is not only good for health and condition, but it also prevents injuries which we can sustain when doing sports.

Diverse strength training has many advantages:

  • Increases cardiac fitness. A heart is a big muscle built of billions of cells. It beats over 100 000 times a day and it is the most mechanically active organ in the human body. We can compare its functionality to a car’s engine. Regular physical activity, especially cardio training, strengthens the heart and its performance because during exercising heart beats faster to deliver more blood to muscles. So when we do not exercise, our hearts beat slower, even though each beat can pump more blood. It can be assumed that physical exercises reduce the risk of heart attack.
  • Strengthens vascular system. Arteries, veins, and capillaries have over 100 000 kilometers in length. An efficient vascular system is the base of a healthy and active life. Blood, oxygen, and nutrients are distributed in a body by vascular system, and thanks to physical activity the number and size of blood vessels increase so that distribution is faster and easier. When exercising, oxygenated blood is clearing fat deposits in blood vessels.
  • Improves breathing process. During exercises, a body needs more oxygen. Lungs work more intensively to overcome the bigger need for oxygen in tissues and muscles. As the result, the breathing becomes easier both during training and rest.
  • Increases muscles’ strength and stamina. We use our muscles every day. Their strength is needed to perform some actions, and their stamina is vital to perform an action for a longer time. Physical activity keeps muscles in good condition.
  • Increases bone density. Muscles are attached to bones. When exercising our muscles move and “massage” bones. In result, they stay dense, which makes them more resistant to fracture.
  • Enhances joints’ flexibility. Physical training has a beneficial effect on joints because it increases their efficiency and mobility by boosting a release of synovial fluid.
  • Decreases the risk of long-term diseases.
  • Makes your life longer and improves its quality, especially in older age.
  • Makes your posture and appearance better. Strong muscles hold your posture and make your body firm.
  • Lowers body fat, what helps to keep proper body weight and great figure.
  • Makes your skin look better. The more blood gets to your skin, the more nutrients it gets.
  • Improves the quality of your nerve fibers.
  • Speeds-up metabolism.
  • Reduces stress and its effect by releasing endorphins.

Physical activity – the best investment!

Physical activity is the best investment in your health, and we can “invest” in any moment. It does not require big financial expenses. The cost of a equipment for a home gym is similar to a holiday trip.

It is worth to add that physical activity is a way to lengthen your life, improve your health, and ease the pain! Why are we saving huge financial resources for our pension system, when we are not doing much to use these resources for as long as it is possible? We should remember that our old age starts now. What we do for our health right now, will result in future.

Before exercising, realize what advantages you can get. Then, even an older person can be motivated to perform regular training, preferably in their own home gym.

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