How to build a home gym?

If you decide to build a home gym, satisfaction will be bigger if you choose the right equipment. If it allows you to perform many valuable exercises, then you know you want to train in your home, not inside a fitness club.

What is important when choosing a home gym equipment?

What equipment to choose? The answer is important, as budget and space are first to determine. But, the most important aspect is what exercises you want to perform in your home gym.

When making the choice which exercises are important, do not forget about your family! Predict what exercises your son or daughter would like to perform in the next few years, as he/she start to train.

The better exercises, the better the equipment. It should provide exercises for men (chest, shoulders, biceps) and women (waist, glutes, thighs).

Rowing – the great exercise to lose some weight

When making your own home gym never forget to equip it with cardio equipment. It is essential, even for professional bodybuilders. It is the best way to burn fat, if it is performed wisely – it should bring benefits for your cardiovascular system and silhouette. Good balance between strength training and cardio will complete your goals much faster.

From among the wide range of cardio equipment – the worthiest is rowing machine. It is a multi-joint exercise, that activates many muscle groups and intense fat burning. That is why it is the great way to lose weight.

As the cardio exercise, it is very enjoyable, but the indoor rower takes too much space. Sometimes it is not the price that matters in your purchases (especially for home gyms), but the lack of space to fit a cardio equipment like a rowing machine.

Multifunctional gym machine

In conclusion, the abovementioned arguments prove that the best solution for your home gym would be multifunctional machine both for strength training and cardio, so you could build-up strength and endurance of your muscles. The better equipment, the more valuable exercises, and it is important to have a good feedback and knowledge (video is the best option) that you “buy” together with your equipment, for example, a presentation of every exercise that you can perform on it.

There is no machine in the world, that meet all those conditions as well as TYTAX® machines. No matter if it is the T1-X, T3-X, S6, M1 or M2 model, you get the great device to improve your silhouette and health.

Completeness and versatility of these machines is everything you need as the equipment for a home gym. Each machine provides diverse training of all muscle groups. Most exercises that can be performed with the standard version of TYTAX® machine, with other brands can be only performed on machines of “one machine-one exercise” type. Training possibilities of TYTAX® machines are limitless, see a fraction of exercises on each of machine models:

Safety of training

It is very important to train safely in your home gym, especially when you train alone. TYTAX® machines are equipped with many solutions that take care of your safety. You can find more information about them here link.

Despite the fact, that no one has built a home gym that is as perfect and complete as TYTAX®, TYTAX FACTORY does not stop improving them. We also consider EVERY advice that our clients, from all over the world, share with us.

Choosing the right place

The place inside which you create your own home gym is the key to the frequency of your workouts. It might be a basement or other place, but it is vital to locate it in a right spot to always remember about your training!

That right spot is a garage for example. When the weather is nice you can widely open the door to let the fresh air inside. Another good place would be your apartment if you have the dedicated room, because in that cause your home gym is always within your reach, and thanks to that no more excuses to miss your training.

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