Why is it worth to have a home gym?

Regular workouts several times in a week – easy to say! Everyone who works 10 or more hours a day, and spends some time to get to work or home, does not feel motivated to workout in the evening, all the more that one has to waste the time to get to the gym/fitness club.

That is why people who value their time, should consider having a home gym. TYTAX® meets the expectations. We offer multifunctional machines with unlimited training possibilities and all of that in small space.

Everything happened several decades ago when the strength training ‘boom’ happened. First, it occurred in the USA, after that in rest of the world. Thanks to that, people started to be interested in their condition and silhouette, and it led to the creation of the first gyms/fitness clubs. Average man just went to a gym, and so it happens today.

Professional gym/fitness studio can satisfy all training needs, and it can offer more services like sauna, spa&wellness or personal trainer. All of that is connected with costs though: membership, expenses of getting to a gym, and the most important – your time. It is common knowledge that costs of gym memberships are decreasing, but one the cost of people time is increasing, so why should we spent it on traveling to the gym, and after that to the home? This particular ‘time’ is more and more expensive, especially for people who are professionally active.

It does not mean that they have to give up exercising. Thanks to TYTAX® they can workout in their own home gym.

Will you really train when you will buy a home gym?

This question comes back like a boomerang and in fact, it happens that bought equipment often serves as an expensive clothes rack.
People love to compete, and when they go to a public gym/fitness club, they can compare to each other. It motivates them to improve. But what are the advantages of having your own gym/fitness club?

A gym in a household is an excellent solution for people who want to start their training and change their lives. When you have your own home gym you can train how long you want and whenever you want. In the morning, just after you get up, or in the late evening. A workout does not have to be long, sometimes you have 30-40 minutes, and when you own a home gym it is just the right time to have short and intensive training.

Not only the things above speak in favor of having your own home gym.

The list below presents the most essential advantages:
1. Save your time. To get to a public gym, you often need to spend dozens of minutes, and after that the same amount to get home. In your own home gym, there is no need to travel everywhere, and you can spend your saved time with family or to lengthen your training – the choice is yours.

2. Save your money. According to Statistic Brain the average cost of monthly gym membership in the USA is 60 USD, so around 700 USD per year. Of course, this cost does not include travel costs, costs of your time, and other expenses. Because of that, the 700 USD cost surely multiplies. When you spend such money per year to exercise, it turns out that it takes quite the amount. You can easily buy excellent training equipment, and if you train for years together with your family, your savings will increase even more!

3. Train according to plan. Public gyms are often crowded during rush hours – often when you want to have a training. It might be impossible to follow training plan which you or your personal trainer prepared. Your physical activity may be disturbed by other people that occupy gym equipment that you want to use. However, in your home gym, you can train without waiting for your turn. Thanks to that you follow your train routine according to plan and in optimal time.

4. Privacy. When training in your home gym, you do not have to feel uncomfortable because of the presence of other people, especially when you are just starting your way to the perfect body. Or maybe you are someone famous in business or public life and you value privacy? No one disturbs you with photos/videos when you enter the gym, unlike public gyms.

5. Flexibility. Training in your home gym always fits in your schedule. When you have a gym in your home, it is opened 24/7 which means that you train whenever you want. It is important especially when you work flexible hours. You can even divide your daily plan into several training sessions, which is recommended for seniors and convalescents.

6. Hygiene. When you train in the home, you are not exposed to the lack of hygiene which is usual for public gyms. Avoid viral infections, allergies, and discomfort of using equipment which is used by dozens of people.

7. Location. Having your own home gym you train where you live – even if it is a small town without a public gym.

8. Individualism. Customize your home gym as you like. You decide what equipment to have and how to design a space inside. Need some music? No problem, you are the DJ.

9. Share the passion. A home gym can be the perfect place not only for you but also for your family and friends.

11. Parental responsibilities. When you have toddlers it is very hard to find the time and go to a public gym. In a home gym, you can train when children sleep or you can take care of them during your training. No need for a babysitter! Moreover, you can be the example for your children and show them how to stay healthy. The best investment for your children’s adult life!

12. Physiotherapy. You can correct your children’s faulty posture after consulting a doctor or physical therapist.
There are other reasons to have your own home gym, which are not mentioned above. They are all even more convincing when you equip a home gym with one of TYTAX® machines. It will provide you with a huge variety of exercises so that training monotony never catches you!

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