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How to win with obesity?

People, who live especially in developed countries become fatter systematically. We eat too much and this is why the problem with obesity started to be so serious, that we can call it the epidemic. Yet, we do not understand where does it come from. Disastrous effects of obesity Scientists for many years wonder why some […]

Why do we not do much for our health?

It is quite puzzling that people do so much to have a beautiful house, car or company, yet they do not do anything for their good health. Why do we not think about this? Why we blindly believe that when we get sick, medicine will help? What makes us think about everything else but our […]

Health benefits that come from exercising

Physical activity is every activity that improves or maintains efficiency and good state of health. You should perform it because of various reasons, to strengthen your muscles and cardiovascular system, to develop skills in sports, or to lose weight. Frequent and regular exercising boosts the immune system and helps to prevent diseases of the heart, […]

Why is it worth to have a home gym?

Regular workouts several times in a week – easy to say! Everyone who works 10 or more hours a day, and spends some time to get to work or home, does not feel motivated to workout in the evening, all the more that one has to waste the time to get to the gym/fitness club. […]




Warranty conditions

Read about warranty conditions for TYTAX® Gyms.
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Delivery conditions

We deliver TYTAX® gym equipment to any place in the world. Learn about our delivery conditions.
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Bulletproof TYTAX® crate

We deliver TYTAX® gym equipment inside specifically designed crates with bulletproof construction. Thanks to that, we are able to deliver our machines intact everywhere.
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